We accelerate the transformation of innovative discoveries into health applications by providing seamless guidance that integrates the necessary disciplines, from writing SBIR-STTR applications to applying the most appropriate clinical research methodology.


We have a high level of familiarity with the unique culture of leading US funding agencies like the NIH, NSF, DOD, as well as private sources supporting biomedical and biotechnological research and development. We can help you with:

Joana Rosario, MD, MPH, is the Principal at Health R&D. She is a research physician and epidemiologist with over 35 years of experience. She held positions of increased responsibility at the NIH for 15 years, ultimately serving as Deputy Director, Basic Science Program, NIAID, for 12. With specialized and experienced experts, she forms cohesive teams of like-minded, highly-skilled health R&D professionals. Their expertise in health innovation translates into practical training for researchers, and strategic advice for institutions. If, and when, local options fail, they will help you reach global ones.


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Clients / Partners


  • Argentina Association of Neurology
  • Baptist University of Hong Kong
  • Biologicke Centrum
  • BlueClinical Inc
  • Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique
  • Charite – Universitaetsmedizin
  • Ecole Normale Superieure
  • European Molecular Biology Laboratory
  • Federal University of Sao Paulo
  • Institute Carlos III
  • Institute of Molecular Biology
  • Max Planck Institute
  • Medical Research Council
  • Medical School of Botucatu
  • Novartis Pharma Ag
  • Splicos SAS
  • StemMatters
  • University of Aveiro
  • Universitaet Basel
  • University of Hong Kong
  • Universitaet Innsbruck
  • University of Macau
  • University of Minho
  • Universitat Pompeu Fabra
  • University of Porto
  • University of Sao Paulo

North American

  • Amarex Clinical Research
  • BioHealth Innovation
  • Boston University
  • Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney
  • City of Hope
  • C-TASC Corporation
  • EisnerAmper
  • Hospitalis - Solutions
  • Innovation Development Institute
  • Integrium Clinical Research
  • ONKO Solutions
  • Open Health Systems Laboratory
  • Solutions Caristix Inc
  • State University of New York
  • Thurgood Marshal College Fund
  • Trubios, LLC
  • Technologico de Monterrey
  • University of South Dakota
  • Whitemarsh Capital

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